Prem was born in Lumbini, west Nepal, on 3rd April 1991. He is a graduate in Arts. He enjoys painting, playing guitar and flute in his free time.

He has really an inspiring journey. He moved to India around 8 years ago in 2010. He joined Upaya Yoga’s kitchen staff as a chef in 2014. He is master in preparing Indian Yogic Saatvik Vegetarian food with different flavors. His creativity and caring personality manifest every single day when he prepares pure and delicious yogic food for Upaya’s students.

However, cooking was not only passion of the Prem. He has a marvelous observation. During working in a Yogic life, he started to perform various difficult yoga poses. His athlete body structures help him to catch yoga in very shortest time.

We are proudly to say that Prem has recently completed his 200 hours YTTC and is now driven to teach and share his knowledge and passion with others. He believes, yoga is a powerful tool to transform life and in addition it is an irreplaceable tool for self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal serenity.
Prem has been a precious addition to the team of Upaya Yoga. His calm voice and reassuring eyes will guide you through an energetic and revitalizing flow. He has a gentle but firm touch to always push and encourage his students at the very right time. Prem has a natural talent and true interest in Ashtanga yoga. Recently, Prem completed advance series of Ashtanga Yoga. Prem is now ready to deliver more yoga teachers to the world.