Prachi was born in the northern part of India, Rajasthan. In her home state, she completed a master’s degree in sociology because she was intrigued by the different parts of human lives and how it affects social interaction. After this, she was still hungry for knowledge and finished a bachelor’s degree in education which gave her the opportunity to teach in secondary school, where she taught Hindi classes.

She started her spiritual journey when she moved to Pune, where she lived near to the Ashram of Osho. She actively followed and practised Osho’s teachings daily for two years. Meditation was one of the important pillars of his teachings. She continues to practice his teachings till this day.

The universe sends Ayurveda massage on her path, a true existential sign pushed her in this direction. She studied with Master Kusum Modak who gave her the knowledge and insights of Ayurveda Yoga massage. She has been practising already for almost 10 years.

She travelled around the world expanding her horizon and sharing her eternal smile and caring personality. Her innate huge caring heart made her start a family after her studies. Now her children are grown up, she continues to give and share her heart with all the Upaya students, a shoulder to cry on and a problem solver. She is an important limb at the Upaya Yoga school as an organizer and manager but also as social and emotional support for everyone.