Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga

Praba was born in Tamil Nadu, South India. He was born into a family of yogis who practice in the Ashtanga style that characterizes the South Indian yoga tradition. At age 17 he began serious study with his uncle, Vijay, who is widely recognized as one of the best Ashtanga teachers in India. He has been teaching for over six years. He has lived and taught in Russia and Kyrgyzstan as well as Goa and Dharamshala in North India, and he has trained teachers-to-be for 200 hrs and 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training.

Praba is a talented teacher and teacher trainer. He has a dynamic and energetic style characterized by high expectations and tough love. Through expert adjustments and a deep understanding of asana, his student’s abilities, and injuries, he is able to push his trainees to the next level in their personal practice as well as their own teaching. Praba is an expert in alignment and adjustment and he emphasizes active learning methods. He works with each student to ensure that they use proper placement and strength to help push his students to their full potential.