Pallavi was born in the heart of India in Narsinghpur. She grew up surrounded by all kind of spiritual books and chanted mantra since the childhood. The sincere spirituality of her father dived her into the authentic yogic tradition and surely paved the way to the path of yoga.

She graduated in computer science and soon started to work as a Head creative for a prestigious company in the Bollywood industry in Mumbai. At that time, she conducted a glamorous lifestyle.

However, the diagnosis of a juvenile diabetes became the trigger for the revolutionary life change.

When her health began to deteriorate, she left the job and returned home next to her family.

After a while she moved to Rishikesh where she experienced the ashram life and deepen the knowledge of ashtanga yoga. She soon became passionate and a committed practitioner.

Pallavi then qualified, as a teacher, and moved back to Mumbai where she worked for two years only sharing yoga.

Later on, she travelled to the Himalayas and, under the guidance of Reinhard Gammenthaler, she learned pranayama, krya and kundalini yoga.

She also studied Vedanta and practiced meditation in Gangotri.

Since then Pallavi embraced a complete yogic lifestyle.

She conducts a daily self-practice, in all aspects of yoga, determined to improve her health and to rise further.

Sharing her knowledge became a life purpose as this is the biggest wealth in the society to her.

All the students find in Pallavi a caring and inspiring teacher.