K. N. Sumathi (Maitri)

Senior yoga teacher E-RYT 500

Sumathi is a yoga research scholar, practitioner and teacher. She teaches yoga philosophy, breathwork/pranayama, yoga anatomy/Ayurveda, and meditation. An adept in delivering healing through yogic modalities and yogic counselling as well. Since her childhood she has been driven towards seeking truth through introspective, contemplative and objective methods. Her motivation lies in bridging conventional gaps between science and spirituality  in the light of ancient oriental wisdom and western modern cutting edge researchers for the purpose of self-actualization. Her academic accolade includes an international government-funded scholarship for studying abroad, multidisciplinary masters as well as UGC -NET qualification in the discipline of YOGA. She has an experience in academic teaching  at university. She has her past experience of working with the United Nations as well. She teaches with a student-friendly and eclectic approach to fit the needs of students coming from varied backgrounds. Her students lovingly call her MAITRI which means “loving-friendliness”.