Chetan Bhadri

Chetan Bhadri was born and grow up in a Brahmin family in Rishikesh . He experienced yoga for the first time in his young age and was immediately amazed by its physical and spiritual benefits.

He visited many teachers and by the time became an assiduous practitioner of hatha yoga. During those years he also attended the Sanskrit University in Uttrakand and obtained a Master’s degree in Sanskrit Acharya.

The extensive study of the Vedas was a source of inspiration and the ideal support for a wider approach and understanding of yoga. Chetan considers yoga unlimited.  Its potentiality is to gradually raise the level of knowledge and experience of the inner and outer world of the practitioner.

He also believes in the therapeutic value of yoga and aims to support others into their journey of self-healing and transformation. Chetan is very attentive to deliver a new and dynamic flow to challenge his students always. He is a caring and lively teacher whose great sense of humor makes of each class an enjoyable and pleasant experience to all.