Chetan Baghel
Chetan BaghelTeacher

Chetan Baghel graduated in Science, Masters degree in Reiki, Diploma in Ayurveda Massage, Diploma in Abhyanga and Marma Massage, Diploma in Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Studies in Anatomy- Physiology, Psychosomatic Conditions, Practices in Meditation and Healing.

For past ten years, he is teaching Anatomy at various yoga schools and now is full-time faculty at Upaya yoga.

He has devised his teaching methodology seeing the need of Yoga students to grasp the knowledge of structure units and their implications in motion.

His profound expertise in the understanding body and emotional connections bring about in the teaching of Anatomy at Upaya yoga.

Chetan has been teaching across the world and has taught at Rosenberg European Academy of Ayurveda in Germnay, Atomodaya from Zurich, Sundari Ayurveda in Germany, Ayurveda Praxis, ( Germany), Shakti Ayurveda Latvia and at individual level in Aryol ( Russia), Le Manoia ( France), Frankfurt (Germany), Mallorca (Spain) and Sweden.

Chetan’s teachings are a reflection of his experiences with different modalities varying from medications over a period of ten years in Osho Meditation Commune, Pune to studies of Yoga at Aiyangar Institute in Pune, different massage styles and holistic healing methods throughout the last 20 years.