Ayush Sharma

Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga

Ayush discovered yoga in the young age.

He started the practice of hatha yoga under the guidance on his father and through discipline and enthusiasm, he soon gained a complete knowledge on this subject.

With the time his endless dynamism flowed into a strong passion for Ashatnga Vinyasa yoga and some years ago he began to dedicate his full energy to acquire experience and to grow into this discipline.

Ayush trained for several months in Mysore both in asana and pranayama refining his technique. His skills set is also enriched by a good understanding of Iyengar yoga. This brings into the class a teaching approach which promote more awareness of body and mind through the correct alignment and detailed explanations of the poses.

Ayush has a contagious vitality that support the students in overcoming personal difficulties and enhance self- confidence in everybody practice.