Ayush discovered yoga in his childhood when he started to perform asanas as if it was a new game. Very soon this game transformed into an inexhaustible challenge and a spontaneous drive to learn more. Hence, despite the young age, he decided to move from his hometown near Delhi to Upaya in Rishikesh.

As he was under the guidance of his father, Prem Krishna Ananda, and he was surrounded by like-minded people, the center proved to be the ideal environment for his yogic learning and personal growth.

Through discipline and an accurate practice, he gained a complete knowledge in hatha yoga, although his endless dynamism flowed into a natural passion for Ashtanga yoga. For this reason, he attended a specific training in Mysore where he enhanced and refined both asana and pranayama technique.

Nowadays Ayush’s class is a concentrate of bubbling energy; care for details and alignment; authentic love for yoga. His contagious and irresistible enthusiasm emboldens anybody to overcome personal limits and to promote self-confidence. Ayush integrates smoothly in Upaya’s daily life and he is always keen to support the team wherever it is needed.