Anil kumar sharma
Anil kumar sharmaTeacher

Anil Kumar Sharma was born in Kangra Himachal Pradesh (North India). In the past he was suffering from digestive, neuro muscular and jaundice problems and overall weakness. These health issues directed him to the path of yoga in search for healing.

Because Anil started to learn yoga to overcome his health problems, his knowledge of anatomy and the benefits and effects of all the postures on the body are a great added value. He studied intense Inyengar yoga and still continues to do so to expand his knowledge with his trusted Guruji in Mumbai. Now he lives and breathes yoga, from head to toe. As he overcame his health issues, now transferring his knowledge and researching physical problems for others motivates him to share yoga and its benefits. 

He completed his master degree in physical education from Mumbai University. Before becoming a professional yoga instructor he was a physical education teacher for children in Mumbai which gave him great satisfaction and pleasure. Now he specialises in Hatha Yoga with a strong detail to alignment whilst using props. His philosophy is take time for learning, this is how you learn yoga the best. He teaches with great awareness of body and soul during the practice.