Alida Maugeri

Teacher and co-Director-RYT-500

I started yoga many years ago when I was working in the legal industry in London.

I always had a very active lifestyle, which became even more accelerated at that time. My yoga practice very soon started to represent the only space where I could manage to slow down the mind, relax the body and reconnect with the soul even if for short intervals.

This discovery gradually transformed into the deep desire and urgency to know, experience and learn more about yoga and meditation. The world, as I knew it, was vanishing piece after piece. I eventually decided to travel to India and enhance this wonderful journey inward.

Today I can say that Yoga represents for me the way back home, or rather the heart. When I go back to the heart, I am a human being more fulfilled and authentic. I completed numerous courses on yoga, meditation and self-development. I teach meditation, yoga Nidra, Hatha and yin yoga.

My classes are an invitation to reconnect and rediscover one Self. Through the observation of the breath and the body we can acknowledge our own and unique energy and to eventually free and empower our being.