Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Yoga Teacher Training Course at Upaya Yoga gives its students an amazing opportunity to gather and learn a deeper knowledge of yoga. The course can assist you to connect with like-minded people as well as become part of a global yoga family. The practice of yoga awakens inner knowledge and helps the learner to connect with the Self, grasping oneness of the body and soul.

All Yoga Teacher Training Course at Upaya are certified by the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance USA and every graduate receives a certificate from Yoga Alliance for all RYT 200 and RYT 300 courses.

At Upaya we believe in quality learning hence we can arrange complimentary airport pickup. The center provides 24hrs WIFI, serene gardens for meditation.

Nutrition is of the utmost importance for a yogi and it is essential to nourish your body with the right nutrients that will keep you energetic during classes. Therefore, whilst you are here you can enjoy Saatvik (yogic) food, six days a week. A light, healthy yogic breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included in all our training packages.  Fresh fruit, porridge, toast, tea, and juice will be served from our kitchen after practice for all to enjoy together. A buffet style lunch of Indian food will then be served before the afternoon session starts. Dinner will be similar to lunch and served in the evening. (Meals are provided every day except Sunday)

Upaya has an expert team of teachers and assistants to ensure that you learn from the best. You can connect with the teachers and get a deeper understanding of your curriculum as well. The experience gives you a great way to finding eternal bliss, peace and the gift to share the yogic lifestyle with others.

Why Upaya Yoga?

  1. Very experienced teachers
  2. Yoga Alliance Certificate (USA)
  3. Teacher Training Manual
  4. Two beautiful locations, Goa and Rishikesh
  5. Goa Accommodation – choose between unique ECO Hut, A/C Room, Non AC Room, Shared/Single Room
  6. Great location on the beach
  7. Rishikesh Accommodation – A/C Eco Huts
  8. Great location by the river and surrounded by mountains
  9. Free pick up from the airport.
  10. Single occupancy available during the Yoga Teacher Training Course with hot and cold shower facility
  11. Night security
  12. Yoga Shala has beautiful views of the sea, river and surrounding hills
  13. Three vegetarian meals and 2 tea breaks every day (Sunday lunch and dinner not included)
  14. Drinking water free of cost
  15. 24 hrs Wifi
  16. Two T-Shirts
  17. Lifetime membership
  18. Option to learn and teach with us in the internship program
  19. Opportunity to teach in our school’s branches after graduation
  20. Opportunity to start our chapters in your country as Upaya’s Franchisee. 

What will you learn in this training:-

  1. How to give a solid and clear demonstration
  2. How to give clear instruction (working with Voice)
  3. Proper alignment of postures
  4. Yoga anatomy
  5. Hands-on adjustment
  6. How to avoid common injury during practice
  7. How to jump backward and forward (vinyasa flow)
  8. How to use props for better postures (as recommended by B.S.K Iyengar)
  9. Mantra Chanting
  10. Yogic breathing (Pranayama) and their benefits
  11. Yogic body cleansing (Kriya yoga)
  12. Mudras and their benefits
  13. Yoga philosophy (Patanjali yoga sutra)
  14. Ayurveda and Yoga principle
  15. Assisting yoga class with other teacher
  16. Observation
  17. How to teach 45 min to 90 min long class
  18. How to teach one to one class
  19. How to teach more than 10 people in a class
  20. Yoga career and business

Several Reasons To Choose Upaya Yoga


  • Upaya Yoga is a family… A special place to learn and share in a safe environment where you will meet new friends and inspiring people.
  • Our practice spaces have been created to enhance energetic flow. A unique rooftop yoga shala was specially built to serve the scope of the school. This is a sacred area and represents the core of Upaya Yoga. The energy of our shala increases with each new group of students. Past yogis have also contributed to this magical space bringing it to life and color. We now welcome you to contribute in any way or form you desire.
  • At Upaya yoga we also respect and value your own space. Our open-air communal area is designed to allow personal relaxation and comfort. A green and shady garden provided of swinging chairs, pillows, cushions, cosy dining area and the library will always make you feel at home. In addition, if you wish to indulge in a rejuvenating and restoring massage, we have a dedicated Ayurvedic therapist.


  • The location of our school is in itself magic and unique; we have placed in between the river and the beach indeed! Surrounded by lush coconut trees, during the early morning and sunset classes your senses will benefit from the beauty and energy of nature, making of your practice at Upaya Yoga an unforgettable experience.
  • Another reason for our perfect location is the surrounding of Arambol beach, At a walking distance, you will find a wide variety of shops, lively restaurants and bars, colorful Indian markets and atm. So either you decide to just relax on the beach or to stroll around you will certainly make the best of your free time at Upaya Yoga. A good balance between being an engaged yoga student and a curious visitor is guaranteed!
  • Your safety is one of our priorities. Our space is under surveillance 24 hours to assure that yourself and your belonging will not incur any risk or danger.


  • The TTC is specially designed to build the confidence of teaching as soon as you leave. Even so, if to become a professional yoga teacher is not your plan, anyway, we aim to deliver a deep yoga approach and a strong practice which will be inspiring resources in your everyday life. Either way, you will find yourself positively transformed at the end of your stay.
  • Our goal is to bring you far beyond the physical practice of asana yoga by digging deep into Yogic and Indian philosophy. You will also develop practice in Pranayama (breathing), Mantra (chanting), Kriya (cleansing), Karma Yoga (selfless service) and Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation technique). Finally, the learning of Anatomy and Ayurvedic medicine will provide you with a true understanding of why yoga is so important in daily life.
  • Meditation also is a crucial activity at Upaya Yoga and we love to guide you through. Even so be aware that one type of meditation cannot be suitable and enjoyable for everyone. Therefore we offer a diverse range of meditative practices: some are dynamic and others are more still. We hope this will help to realize which style is more appropriate for your need and personality.
  • We also offer workshops in various asanas practice including arm balancing, beck bending, twists. This is a precious occasion to overcome personal difficulties and to gain good tips.
  • We are what we eat and we consider eating a sensory experience which could even be a meditation in mindfulness. Super tasty and wholesome vegetarian and vegan meals will be prepared daily by our professional and caring cooks. It is our routine to enjoy these pleasures together and the kitchen door is always open if you like to share your love for food with us… sharing is caring!
  • The accommodation available at Upaya is a truly magical living environment. To support your long and rich days we offer all the luxuries you need for a blissful night rest such as comfortable bed mosquito nets, hot shower, and air conditioning or fan. According to different budgets, our options consist of authentic eco- garden huts and spectacular ocean view rooms.


The cost of our TTC is affordable and cheaper than the average price in Goa. This choice comes from the will of making of Upaya Yoga something more than another economic initiative which ends up commercializing the ancient knowledge and science of yoga.

This school is meant to be a place open to any person who wants to experience the simultaneous growth of body, mind, and soul.

To support and guide our students through this growth is an act of love and respect for the uniqueness of any human being. This is a gift which we aim to share with as many people as possible and, by doing so, we do not sacrifice quality on any of the services that we offer.

Our team, entirely inspired by these ideas, works harmoniously together to guarantee the best value to everyone.

As we are keen to accommodate your needs, when you decide to join Upaya Yoga, please inform us in advance of any specific request you may have and we will serve you better.



Yoga Teacher Training Course