A Yogshala that has the ability to heal our DNA!

A successful yoga teacher means becoming an expert instruction of yoga. Concise and precise cues allow students to float in and out of asanas. But equally important, and likely to resonate long after your students step off their mat, is the class theme & its positive surrounding vibrations.

At Upaya Yoga, we have a unique yoga class idea. Our roof top shala consists of a 104 Sq meter yoga space which is based on Fibonacci Universal Spiral Sequence Formula of maximum growth. Ajay Sharma explored a unique yoga theme after studying and visiting a number of yoga shalas worldwide  Approved by Yogi Krishna (Founder at Upaya Yoga) . After 5 years of research and brain storming on Yoga’s themes and its impact on students during learning, we have designed and setup a new theme at Upaya Yoga.

The shala’s dimensions are 8 M / 13 M , where 8 and 13 are two of the primary basic numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. It has a golden ratio of 1.625, and we have installed a powerful active mandala made of marble, stones, orgonites and healing crystals.

White marble and granite stones have been used to create the outer frame of the mandala and 7 powerful Orgonites have been installed inside the mandala. These are specially designed orgonites connected with each of the diodes. The main orgonite generator is installed at the center of the mandala and it has a glass bar tuned at frequency of 528 Hz.

In simple terms it is called a Love Frequency, and scientists have discovered this particular frequency has the ability to heal our DNA.

We have two Yoga Shalas at our premises.

1. Rooftop Yoga Shala (main yoga shala – where you will spend most of your time during the training)
2. Garden Yoga Shala (for your teaching practice)


“The highest spiritual practice is self-observation without judgment.” –Swami Kripalu