This human body is the gateway leading to liberation. Having attained it, you must strive to take care of your spiritual progress. (Ramayana-Goswami Tulsidas)


Upaya yoga is a traditional Yoga centre where you are sure to experience a powerful combination of yoga and meditation that will help you attain a greater understanding of the Self both spiritually and physically. Started by yogi Prem Krishnanada  and certified by Yoga Alliance USA, this school was primarily established to offer students from all walks of life an unparalled Yoga Teacher Training course in India and all around the globe. Upaya Yoga family gives you an opportunity to learn with yogic gurus who are highly trained experts. We warmly welcome yogis of all levels for an enriching experience and attain serenity.

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The path of a yogi opens into spiritual awakening and reveals the gift of life to discover his potentials. Realizing a higher consciousness and gaining knowledge of how the body, mind and spirit together co-exist in serendipity is possible, only when a person breaks free from physical burdens and connects with his higher-self. Spirituality gives internal power to overcome challenging circumstances and to keep smiling. On recognizing your-Self, your internal peace flows out, and makes you a more responsible and balanced human being gentle, caring, sharing and full of love.


We believe that the path to connecting with a higher being begins by finding the inner sanctuary in you while adopting a yogic lifestyle. Our primary focus is on building strong foundations, for which we have on board some of the most highly skilled and experienced gurus in our centres.
The classes at Upaya Yoga are designed carefully, limiting to two a day, to keep pace with the progress of all students and ensuring that they are stress free. All classes are specially designed by our instructors to meet individual requirements prioritizing the balance of body, mind and soul.


Our mission is to provide a framework for community practice with unsurpassed quality in training. Our aim isn’t for students to graduate as mediocre teachers, we inspire practitioners to gain an in-depth knowledge of the program and understand the integration of all of its functions. The path of a yoga teacher is a challenging one. Our gurus at Upaya Yoga love to guide students with care offering tools for growth. Learning the curriculum is just a part of the teacher training program, we also put great emphasis on communication skills and practical work during classes so students have the perfect environment to explore and quench their curiosity throughout the process. Our team of teachers at Upaya Yoga are determined to make this journey a memorable one.

Prem Krishnanda

krishna2The whole world is nothing but yoga. One thing is connected with the other. Constantly you are in yoga, either you are aware of it or not that’s all there is to it….Krishnaji

Krishnaji’s sheer determination and love for yoga has formulated in the shape of Upaya Yoga Centre. He founded this yoga after delivering more than 3500 hours of yoga and benefiting people from many countries like the USA, Japan, China, European countries like Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, where he has personally traveled and delivered yoga training which has caused a positive impact on thousands of lives.

Krishnaji’s vision is to impart teacher training to its fullest depth and dimension so that his students become self independent financially and also cause enormous good to the world in a wholesome way.

His life stands as an invitation for all the seekers of yoga to come and explore his teachings at one of the finest locations in Goa and Rishikesh that offers a holistic blend and great enrichment



The Yoga Teacher Training Course at Upaya Yoga gives its students an amazing opportunity to gather and learn a deeper knowledge of yoga. The course can assist you to connect with like-minded people as well as become part of a global yoga family. The practice of yoga awakens inner knowledge and helps the learner to connect with the Self, grasping oneness of the body and soul.

All courses at Upaya are certified by the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance USA and every graduate receives a certificate from Yoga Alliance for all RYT 200 and RYT 300 courses.

Upaya Yoga Center at Arambol beach in North Goa, is lcoated amongst lush palm trees and the serene Arabian Sea. Upaya Yoga Center is a beautiful haven apt for a yoga retreat that also provides a balance of lifestyle. The accommodation is single occupancy with spacious rooms and a hot and cold shower.

Upaya has an expert team of teachers and assistants to ensure that you learn from the best. You can connect with the teachers and get a deeper understanding of your curriculum as well. The experience gives you a great way to finding eternal bliss, peace and the gift to share the yogic lifestyle with others. Read More



Upaya Yoga was started by yogi Prem Krishnananda with a vision to provide the best Teacher Training Course equipped with highly trained experts and gurus. Affiliated to the Yoga Alliance USA for Yoga Teacher Training’s, our main centre is located in Goa but this Certification Course is available for yogis all around the globe. All our multi-faceted classes are conducted by graduates of Yoga Teacher Training Course. We have on board a team of highly skilled instructors who have dedicated themselves to ensure they bring about a spiritual transmutation in their students, to help connect with the divinity of yoga, with awareness, expertise, patience and compassion.

Meet our team of teachers


Fibonacci Inspired Yogshala

A successful yoga teacher means becoming an expert instruction of yoga. Concise and precise cues allow students to float in and out of asanas. But equally important, and likely to resonate long after your students step off their mat, is the class theme & its positive surrounding vibrations.

At Upaya Yoga, we have a unique yoga class idea. Our roof top shala consists of a 104 Sq meter yoga space which is based on Fibonacci Universal Spiral Sequence Formula of maximum growth. Ajay Sharma explored a unique yoga theme after studying and visiting a number of yoga shalas worldwide  Approved by Yogi Krishna (Founder at Upaya Yoga) . After 5 years of research and brain storming on Yoga’s themes and its impact on students during learning, we have designed and setup a new theme at Upaya Yoga.

The shala’s dimensions are 8 M / 13 M , where 8 and 13 are two of the primary basic numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. It has a golden ratio of 1.625, and we have installed a powerful active mandala made of marble, stones, orgonites and healing crystals. Read More



This ttc gave me a good basic to start my work as a yogateacher. It showed the many different sides of yoga. The diversity of yogateachers was good, and there was a lot of knowledge to absorb. The body felt great after doing so much yoga in one month. It is nice that this ttc is for everybody, and everybody will get benefits of it, no matter if you are a starter or advanced. It was good to have this ttc as a basic, and be able to build further from her. – Saskia heringa tønne, Norway